Altenburg 4-Hole Baroque Trumpet

$ 2,150.00

Proudly built in the USA by MJ Music Products, Altenburg Baroque Trumpets are hand-made in Illinois by seasoned trumpet craftsmen. The 4-hole trumpet includes 4 leadpipes, 4 yards and 4 crooks to play in Baroque and modern pitch C and D (a=415 & 440). It also includes a yard with no holes to play as a true natural trumpet.

With design input from Barry Bauguess, the 4-hole Altenburg comes with a Ehe (1721) bell. 

These are excellent instruments at a fantastic price!

Available with or without case. All 4 crooks, leadpipes, and yards will not fit into a Marcus Bonna case. You'll be able to carry the trumpet in two keys at one time comfortably in the Bonna case. All 4 keys fit nicely in both Brass Bags.

Altenburg trumpets in stock come with multi-color cord and tassel. The following cord and tassel colors are available, but will delay the delivery of your trumpet. Available solid colors are red, navy blue, green, and black. Please send a note when ordering if one of the solid color cords is preferred.

Pre-Order Now for August Delivery!

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