Birckholtz Trumpet by Michael Münkwitz

$ 2,695.00

The Trumpet was made by Wolff Birckholtz, who was a “Trompetenbaumeister” in Nürnberg. There are no records that document the exact year of his birth or where he was born. He received his training from Hans Hainlein, also a master instrument maker in Nürnberg, and was released from his apprenticeship with the title of “Meister“ in the year 1649.  His maker’s mark is a crown, which harkens back to his connection as workshop successor to the the Schnitzer family, also famous Nürnberg trumpet makers. Evidence shows that his activities as a maker began in 1650. The Belitz trumpet and a trombone in the Leipzig collection both date from this time. His surviving instruments speak very highly for the level of his experience and artistry. The high level of his work, much more than the scant documentation about his life, places him among the ranks of the most important Nürnberg trumpet makers of his time. He and his wife both died in June of 1701. According to the available information, his workshop was not taken over or continued after his death.

The trumpet is in the key of D (a=415) with a crook for C (a=415) and bit for C (a=440)

The bell, crooks, and yards are made with historical methods from seamed sheet brass with a scraped surface.

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