Egger 3-Hole Historic Pre-Owned Trumpet with Egger Slide

$ 4,850.00

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Pre-Owned Egger 3-hole Historic Model Baroque Trumpet*

*Available to ship within the US only. 

  • Historic Haas Bell and Yards
  • Historic Conical Crook in C a=415
  • Historic Conical Crook in D a=415
  • Historic Conical Crook in C a=440
  • Historic Conical Crook in D a=440
  • A-Quality CES Leadpipe
  • A-Quality D Leadpipe
  • A-Quality C Leadpipe
  • Egger "Tirarsi" Slide

This trumpet has a very small ding on the bell garland near the bottom bow. It's hardly noticeable and does not affect the playability. 

"This model, a result of collaboration between Egger and I, fulfilled what I have hoped for. The thorny problem of intonation is considerably reduced, sometimes even eliminated! Thus we achieve a much better sound with more authenticity. Also, I treasure very much, having only one instrument to use as a hole-free natural trumpet in addition to the 3-hole model of Baroque trumpet, which I think is absolutely necessary.

- Friedemann Immer

Historic Model
Made from hammered soldered brass sheets. Bell garland and Ball are silver plated.

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