Egger 4-Hole MDC Model Trumpet - Pre-owned

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Pre-Owned Egger 4-Hole MDC Model Trumpet in 4 Keys

Crooks in C&D a=415 and C&D a=440 plus no-hole yards

The most popular Baroque trumpet being played today, the Egger 4-hole trumpet has set the standard for quality, sound, and playability.

  • Excellent condition. Owned and played professionally in many period-instrument orchestras

  • Includes short pigtail D 415 crook for better ergonomics when reaching the holes. The holes are also closer to the mouthpiece end of the trumpet.

  • Includes Brass Bags Double Bag.

MDC Model
In order to come as close as possible to the sound of historical instruments, Egger makes  replicas according to traditional methods. All tubes as well as the bell of the instrument are made from Nuremburg brass, soldered from hammered brass sheets and therefore show a soldering seam. The garland is hand engraved and silver plated, while the ball and ferrules are engraved according to the originals and also silver plated. The MDC trumpet is burnished by hand according to historical methods before it is polished.

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