Egger MDC Nagel Natural Trumpet - Shop Floor Model

$ 4,500.00

Natural after Michael NAGEL, Nuremberg 1657

Original dimensions: True Natural Trumpet (no vent holes) after Michael Nagel from the collection of historic musical instrument collection in the Kunsthistorischen Museum in Vienna; The ball and ornaments are after the "Vasa" Instrument of Michael Nagel in Stockholm. The bell thickness is 0.3 mm.

MDC instrument in brass: Bell entirely hand hammered; all tubing made from hammered “Nuremberg brass sheet metal“ with soldered seam according to historical examples; the garland is hand engraved and silver plated, while the ball and ferrules are also engraved and silver plated; the instrument is burnished by hand according to historical methods before it is polished; a bit brighter sounding, cleaner attacks, better cut through the orchestra even at lower volumes, historic sound and playing characteristics.

Trumpet in D (a=440)

  • Includes MDC tuning bit for C (a=440)
  • Includes MDC Crook for C (a=415)
  • 1mm, 2mm, 3mm MDC tuning bits are available.

Price: $4500 (New $5650)