After Schlossberg - Trumpet Studies

$ 25.95

After Schlossberg - Trumpet Studies as taught by leading members of the Schlossberg School. Edited and compiled by Thomas Stevens.

A collection of derivative post-Schlossberg Era trumpet studies which have their genesis in the so-called “Schlossberg School” and were acquired during formal trumpet studies (1958-68) with James Stamp, William Vacchiano, Nathan Prager, and Harry Glantz, as well as through occasional personal encounters with other former Schlossberg students.


“After Schlossberg is the missing link, which is vital to our understanding of one of the most important lines of thought in trumpet teaching”. - Håkan Hardenberger International Trumpet Soloist

The original exercises of After Schlossberg were generated, quite often individually for students, by former Schlossberg students who were master teachers in their own rights, such as James Stamp and William Vacchiano. Tom Stevens has done the trumpet community an invaluable service by going back to the original sources, and I believe that this work will become one of the most important books in any trumpet players library. - Anthony Plog Professor of Trumpet, Hochschule für Musik, Freiburg i.Br., Germany


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