Louis Davidson - Trumpet Techniques

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A unique series fo advanced exercises to develop flexibility, range, tonguing, and articulation. Louis Davidson also provides detailed dynamics to help students with air flow, support, and to develop control in both fortissimo and pianissimo playing. 

Trumpet Techniques contains chromatic studies in a variety of patterns, long tone, double tonguing, flexibility in a variety of tempi and meters, upper register arpeggio exercises up to high E (optional G), progressively widening interval studies, and more.

Several pages of detailed text are included in French and German only. 

74 pages

Chapter Highlights:

  • The Attack
  • The Breath
  • The Embouchure
  • The Lip Slur
  • The Valve Slur
  • Single Tonguing
  • Double & Triple Tonguing
  • The Warm Up
  • Meaningless Meandering or Purposeful Practicing?
  • The Vibrato
  • Good Days & Bad Days
  • Nervousness in Performance

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Louis Davidson was Principal Trumpet in the Cincinnati and Cleveland Orchestras.

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