Jeremiah Clarke & John Shore - Shore's Musick

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Instrumentation: Trumpet, Strings, Bc, Oboes ad lib.
Parts included: Trumpet in D, Strings+Oboes ad lib. 4324, Bc, Score
Difficulty (I-VI):  IV
Editor: Crispian Steele-Perkins
Series: Music for the King's Trumpeter

Jeremiah Clarke's achievements were and to a certain extent still are overshadowed by the tragedy of his life. His best-known melodies have been attributed to Henry Purcell for much too long, his pupils recollected only an ill-tempered, impatient man. He was brought up as one of the 12 boy choristers (Children) of the Chapel Royal and was subsequently appointed to Winchester College in 1692. In 1695 he moved to St.Paul's Cathedral and was employed at the Theatre Royal, Catherine Street (off Drury Lane) after this time. He composed two operas and numerous catchy tunes, keyboard transcriptions of which he carefully transcribed himself (see above). His rousing marches and airs belie a depressive personality: spurned by a female pupil, he shot himself at his house In St.Paul's Churchyard.

Shores's Musick
None of the movements of this suite appear to have survived in full score, although they are assumed to have originated as Theatre Tunes or "occasional" pieces. They are arbitrarily drawn from various collections of instrumental material from the early 18th century for keyboard and treble-voiced instruments. In all cases the inner parts have been reconstructed by the editor in the style of the period and most have some connection, however tenuous, with the great Purcellian trumpeter John Shore.

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