George Friedrich Handel - A Suite of Trumpet Voluntaries (Handel etc.)

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HANDEL G.F., A Suite of Trumpet Voluntaries (Handel etc.)

1 or 2 trumpets and organ
Composer: Handel, George Friedrich (1685-1759)
Arranger/Editor: Edward H. Tarr
Publisher The Brass Press


From the end of the seventeenth century and alI through the eighteenth, many English composers wrote organ voluntaries, often imitation of other musical instruments. Trumpet and flute were particular favorites. The trumpet voluntaries were thus originally set for the trumpet stop of the organ, but in imitating the natural trumpet of that day they generally adhered rigorously to the harminic series, to which that instrument was confined. We therefore feel them to be eminently suited for transcription for trumpet and organ, since neither the trumpet nor the organ is forced to take on a foreign character.With this volume we continue publishing our series of trumpet voluntaries, a series which was started by six (published in three suites of two each) written by John Stanley, Handel's amanuensis; and others by Jeremiah Clarke, Maurice Greene, and William Boyce.
Edward H.Tarr, Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel

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