Altenburg 3-Hole Baroque Trumpet

$ 2,150.00

Proudly built in the USA by MJ Music Products, Altenburg Baroque Trumpets are hand-made in Illinois by seasoned trumpet craftsmen. The 3-hole trumpet includes two leadpipes and four crooks to play in Baroque and modern pitch C and D (a=415 & 440). With design input from Barry Bauguess, the 3-hole Altenburg comes with a Haas (1720) bell. 

These are excellent instruments at a fantastic price!

Available with or without case. All 4 crooks, leadpipes, and yards will not fit into a Marcus Bonna case. You'll be able to carry the trumpet in two keys at one time comfortably in the Bonna case. All 4 keys fit nicely in both Brass Bags.

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