Egger Bauguess Series Baroque Trumpet Mouthpiece

$ 175.00

Bauguess B Series

At the request of Barry Bauguess, Egger is making this mouthpiece series with players in mind who are used to small cup sizes. All the B-mouthpieces are fitted with a flat rim.

All mouthpieces are silver plated. Call for unplated or gold plating.


Mouthpiece Dimensions

B-9 - Copy of Barry Bauguess's personal mouthpiece, Cup diameter 16.35mm

B-9/04 *NEW* - Copy of the original 2004 prototype of the B-9. It has a slightly shallower cup the than the B-9.
Cup diameter 16.35mm

B-10 - Smallest B Series mouthpiece, Cup diameter 15.80mm

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