Courtois Low F Trumpet - Original ca.1885

$ 7,950.00

We are honored to offer this original rare Courtois Low F trumpet. 

This trumpet was built ca. 1885 as that date is the latest on the bell inscription. The trumpet includes all original crooks to play in F, E, Eb, D, C, and has a Bb coupler. The wooden case is also original. The pitch is c. a=436 Hz which is a common 19th-century French pitch. This is an excellent playing unrestored instrument. The valves are very tight. The body and crooks are in excellent condition with a few dings as to be expected on an original 19th-century instrument. An Egger copy of an original Courtois mouthpiece is included.

As an instrument from the transition period from the natural to the valve instruments, it is a kind of hybrid. It was played in constant alternation with the invention trumpet and was sometimes even transported in the same instrument case to always have both at hand. The playing style is also very reminiscent of the natural instruments.

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