Egger Solo II 4-hole Baroque Trumpet

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The New Egger Solo II 4-Hole Baroque Trumpet

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Egger Solo II 4-Hole Baroque Trumpet - a perfect Baroque trumpet for players of all levels. The Solo II is designed to offer a particularly light and responsive playability, while maintaining a nice balance between centering and flexibility. The result is a rich sound with impeccable intonation.

The bell is designed after Johann Leonhard Ehe, III with a bore of 11mm (0.433 in.) that contributes to its light and lively playing characteristics. The Solo II has been crafted with precision and care by Egger in Basel, Switzerland, using only the finest materials to ensure the highest quality instrument.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or are just starting out on Baroque trumpet, the Solo II is versatile, reliable, and sure to impress. Order yours today and experience the exceptional performance of the New Egger Solo II 4-Hole Baroque Trumpet.

The Solo II Comes as a Set

The Solo II comes as a set in 4 keys of D and C (a=440 Hz & 415 Hz). A yard for holeless playing is also available. Additionally an Egger S-7 mouthpiece from the Salzburg series and a spacious gig bag are included. The Solo II is wrapped with a royal blue cord.

The Solo II Includes

    • Trumpet with Ehe III bell and royal blue cord
    • Leadpipes for C & D a=415 and 
    • C & D a=440
    • Yards and Crooks for C (a=415), 
  • C (a=440), D (a=415), D (a=440)
  • Holeless yard for natural trumpet playing
  • Egger double gig bag
  • Egger S-7 silver plated mouthpiece

The New Solo II trumpets are in stock and ready for delivery!

I love the light touch and quick response of the Solo II along with the true Egger sound. The Solo II is equally at home in solo repertoire, whether in chamber ensembles or with organ or harpsichord, as well as in large Baroque orchestras. It is one of the finest all around trumpets I've had the pleasure of playing.
- Barry Bauguess
Baroque Trumpet Soloist and
Owner off The Baroque Trumpet Shop

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