Brass Bags Premier Baroque Trumpet Bags

$ 298.00 $ 335.00


Premier Triple Trumpet Baroque Trumpet Bag  will hold up to three Baroque 3-hole Baroque trumpet and crooks. 4-hole trumpets fit fine with crooks removed. Includes a padded zippered pocket in the top inner liner and a zippered pocket on the lid. Approximate dimensions are 28 x 12 x 8.25 inches. Weight 5.5 pounds.

Premier Triple Modern Trumpet Gig Bag is the most compact and lightest triple gig bag in the world, hardly bigger than a standard Bach single case and used by top professional players everywhere. Made from high quality material and comes with removable shoulder and backpack straps. It's also fitted with extra boards for optimum security for your trumpet. There is plenty of room for music, mutes and accessories plus there is even room for a laptop computer or iPad. Approximate dimensions are 22 x 12 x 8 inches Weight 4.2 pounds.

All of our Premier Brass Bags are Premium black canvas and are equipped with shoulder and backpack straps and extra hard board sets.

Please call or email for custom colors or leather bags.



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