Classical Trumpet Mouthpieces After Michael Saurle

$ 220.00

The two originals from which these mouthpieces were made are by Michael Saurle (1801-1862), from Munich. We copied them at the suggestion of Jean-François Madeuf and his students at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Both originals have a V-shaped cup, giving them a softer sound. The original of the KSE-4 is currently housed in the Edinburgh University Collection, and is well-suited to high playing, while the original from which the KSB-4 is based is housed in the Musikmuseum in Basel and is especially suited to low playing. The KSE-6 mouthpiece is based on the shape of the originals but has been proportionally reduced. All KS-series mouthpieces are intended for use on Classical trumpets.

Silver plated

Model KSE-6  - Rim 17.2mm, Throat 4.5mm, Flat Rim

Model KSE-4  - Rim 18.2mm, Throat 4.5mm, Flat Rim

Model KBE-4  - Rim 18.0mm, Throat 4.6mm, Flat Rim

The Classical trumpet mouthpieces are special order. Please allow extra time for delivery.

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