Galileo Rotary Valve C Trumpet

$ 5,450.00

Galileo Rotary Valve C Trumpet 

Standard Accessories

  • Zirnbauer valves
  • Bore size 11.2 mm in standard or heavy weight
  • Progressive trigger on the 3rd valve slide
  • Nickel silver slides with crimped ends
  • Tuning bows out of red brass
  • Red brass bell
  • Finishes in polished brass, silver plating, or gold plating
  • Bell thickness 0.5 mm

    WDR Sinfonieorchester
    Peter Mondieck, Principal Trumpet (Galileo Rotary C)

or call 252-288-2380 to order with these options)
  • bore size in 11,2 mm or 11,5 mm (no extra charge)
  • bell out of red brass or yellow brass (no extra charge)
  • bell with nickelsilver rim (+$140)
  • bell thickness of 0.45, 0.5, or 0.6 mm (no extra charge)
  • Vienna key for C (+$250), A (+$250) or B (+$420)
  • Double progressive trigger for 1st and 3rd slide (+$310)

All Galileo Trumpets & Flugelhorns are made to order in Basel, Switzerland and take a minimum of 2 weeks for raw brass or lacquer and 6 to 8 weeks for silver or gold plated delivery. Prices exclude mouthpiece and case. Please contact us for current stock and availability.  

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