Early Classical Trumpet Mouthpiece After Ernst Johann Conrad Haas

$ 220.00

The original mouthpiece from which this copy was made was made available by Martin Schmid of Spaeth/Schmid Blechbläsernoten, at the request of Friedemann Immer and Jaroslav Roucek. It was made by Ernst Johann Conrad Haas (instrument maker from 1748 to 1792), the son of Johann Wilhelm Haas. While it is essentally an early Classical mouthpiece, it retains Baroque elements such as the belly cup shape. Because of the unusually large bore, this otherwise small mouthpiece behaves like one with a large cup, and yet Friedemann has said that he has never tried a mouthpiece with such a large bore that nevertheless responded so well in the high register. It is suitable from all kinds of long trumpets and invention trumpets.

Silver plated

Model KEH-5 
Rim 17.8mm
Throat 5.8mm
Flat Rim

The Classical trumpet mouthpieces are special order. Please allow extra time for delivery.

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