Egger Salzburg Series Baroque Trumpet Mouthpiece

$ 180.00

Salzburg Mouthpieces

The Salzburg Mouthpiece No. 5 is based on an original that was together with a trumpet by Johann Wilhelm Haas, Inv. No. 27/2, located in the Carolino Augusteum museum in Salzburg. At the suggestion of Dr Edward H. Tarr, it was copied and through further collaboration, a series was developed. Their dark, rich, yet fine tonal colours make them perfect for 3 hole trumpets and 4-hole long trumpets. All of the mouthpieces in this series are available with a flat or rounded rim, to enable newcomers, or players that frequently alternate between modern and baroque trumpet, to find one that suits them.

All mouthpieces are silver plated. Call for unplated or gold plating.


Mouthpiece Dimensions

S-3 - Large Principale mouthpiece, Cup diameter 18.56mm

S-4 - Large Principale mouthpiece, Cup diameter 18.06mm

S-5 - Copy of original Haas mouthpiece, Cup diameter 17.69mm

S-6 - Smaller than S-5, Cup diameter 17.25mm

S-6R - S-6 with a modern round rim, Cup diameter 17.25mm

S-7 - Cup diameter close to a Bach 1-1/2, 16.86mm

S-7OPT - Optimized version of the S-7, Cup diameter 16.86mm

S-7R -  S-7 with a modern round rim, Cup diameter 16.86mm

S-8 - Like S8 with a shallower cup, Cup diameter 16.86mm

S-9 - Smallest Egger mouthpiece, Cup diameter 16.45mm

S-9R - S-9 with a round modern rim, Cup diameter 16.45mm

We make every effort to keep all mouthpieces in stock. However due to US Customs and international shipping delays, mouthpieces may be on backorder. Backordered mouthpieces will usually be shipped within 14 days of order.

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