Egger Bull Series Baroque Trumpet Mouthpiece

$ 185.00

Bull Mouthpieces

This mouthpiece series is based on an original by William Bull, located in the London Museum. Eric Halfpenny had the mouthpiece measured and published these results, (upon which our model is based) in “The Galpin Society Journal XX”. The following models were created in close cooperation with Jean-François Madeuf. Their bright, brilliant sound production and flexibility are particularly suited to the playing of (holeless) long, natural trumpets. Despite having a broad cup diameter, they are designed for use in the upper register.


All mouthpieces are silver plated. Call for unplated or gold plating.


Mouthpiece Dimensions

BL-1 - Copy of original Bull mouthpiece, Cup diameter 19.50mm

BL-1a - Like BL-1 with shallower cup, Cup diameter 19.50mm

BL-1b - Like BL-1 with deeper cup, Cup diameter 19.50mm

BL-2 - Smaller than BL-1, Cup diameter 19.00mm

BL-3 - Smaller than BL-2, Cup diameter 18.50mm

BL-3a - Like a BL-3 with a shallower cup, Cup diameter 18.50mm

BL- 3b - Like a BL-3b with a deeper cup, Cup diameter 18.50mm

BL-4 - Smaller than a BL-3, Cup diameter 18.00mm

BL-5 - Smaller than a BL-3, Cup diameter 17.50mm

BL-6 - Smallest Bull mouthpiece, Cup diameter 17.00mm

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