Romanus Weichlein 24 Duets - Digital Download

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24 Duets for Natural Trumpets - Edited by Barry Bauguess

Austrian composer and violinist Romanus Weichlein, born Andreas Franz Weichlein in Linz in 1652, came from a musical family where his father and at least one brother were accomplished musicians. He entered the monastery at Lambach and after taking his vows received the monastic name of Romanus. In 1671 he enrolled at the Benedictine University of Salzburg, where he was awarded a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate of philosophy after which he returned to the rich musical scene at the Lambach monestary. Weichlein most likely met H.I.F. Biber while a student at Salzburg, and was greatly influenced by Biber’s compositions and violin playing. After serving at the monastery in Lambach for a number of years, Weichlein was transferred to the position of parish priest at Kleinfrauenheid, where he died of typhus in September of 1706. The 24 Duets are included in Weichlein’s Encænia Musices, which is dedicated to the Emperor Leopold I and exists in manuscripts in the archives of the abbeys of Lambach and Salzburg-Nonnberg.

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