Girolamo Fantini - Modo per imparare a sonare, Facsimile

$ 84.95

FANTINI Girolamo - Modo per imparare a sonare

Facsimile reprint (1638)
Author Girolamo Fantini (1600-c. 1675)
Pages 88
ISBN 978-2-88039-022-8
Publication year 1972/2009
Publisher The Brass Press


A seminal work in the history of the trumpet Girolamo Fantini (ca.1600-ca.1675) was the first to introduce a new style of playing which made it possible for the trumpet to be accepted into art music.

Reissue 2009, elegant facsimile reprint of the edition of 1638, on selected high quality paper, size 24cm x33 cm.

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