Gottfried Keller - Sonata 1 for Trumpet, 2 Violins, Violin, and Bass Continuo - Digital Download

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Gottfried Keller (died 1704) was a German keyboard player and composer in England, at least for the last decade of his life, where he was known as Godfrey Keller. Keller's major work was A Compleat Method for attaining to Play a Thorough Bass (1707). The publisher's preface describes Keller as having been employed in teaching persons to play a thorough-bass, and in this work Keller had been "generously resolved to make easie" the rules of composition. It was the second work printed in England on musical theory.

The current is edition is the first sonata from Keller's 6 Sonate a cinque, cioè 3 a 2 Violini, Tromba o Oboe, Viola, e Basso continuo; e 3 a 2 Flauti, 2 Oboi o Violini, e Basso continuo, Amsterdam, 1710, perhaps reprinted from a London edition.

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