Altenburg - Trumpeters' and Kettledrummers' Art

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Complete English translation of the important original book “Versuch einer Anleitung zur heroisch-musikalischen Trompeter- und Pauker-Kunst...” 

Altenburg discusses many areas of importance: the trumpet in early times, trumpeters and kettledrummers in the Baroque hierarchy, practical instruction for learning to play trumpets and kettledrums, historical and theoretical aspects of the instruments. The usage of the instruments both in the past and in modern times, as well as the responsibilities of the teacher to prepare students for careeropportunities.

An incomparable viewpoint on matters pertaining to the Baroque trumpet, a valuable source of information.

Written: 1795
Published: 1974
Format: 24 cm x 33 cm
Pages: 148
Publisher: The Brass Press

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