Egger Crone Alto Late Classical / Early Romantic Alto Trombone

$ 4,540.00


after Johann August Crone, Leipzig 1780 
Original: Museum of History and Shipping, Riga 
Bore: 10.5 mm, Bell diameter: 123.5 mm 
Even though it bears an earlier date, because the Leipzig makers were at the forefront of trombone development in this time, the Crone trombone resembles a much later instrument than the Schmied.

Through a slow forming of the brass and directed use of historical production techniques, the HISTORIC trombones have sound and response qualities very similar to those of original instruments. This is the reason that HISTORIC and STANDARD instruments sound differently despite having the same dimensions, and despite the STANDARD instruments also being made partly using historical production techniques

Instrument in brass; bell entirely hand hammered; German silver (nickel silver) inner slides, chrome plated; sleeves decorated; garland and bell stay engraved.
Instrument in brass; bell entirely hand hammered; brass slides; all tubing except slides and sleeves made from hammered sheet metal with soldered seam according to historical examples; sleeves, garland and bell stay decorated; the instrument is burnished by hand according to historical methods before it is polished.

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