Egger Kováts Model 4-Hole Baroque Trumpet

$ 4,885.00

Egger Kováts Model 4-Hole Trumpet

The Egger Kováts model 4-hole trumpet brings a more authentic and sound and playing quality of a true natural trumpet to a 4-hole instrument. 

Designed in conjunction with Hungarian Baroque trumpet player Krisztián Kováts, with the Ehe bell in MDC quality with burnished surface, the rest of the instrument is in standard quality. The garland, ball, and ferrules are silver plated.

With the same 11.0 mm bore size as an original Ehe natural trumpet, the Kováts model offers a brighter sound and cleaner attacks to better cut through the orchestra even at lower volumes. It also has a more historic sound and playing characteristic. 

*Egger instruments are hand built to order in Basel, Switzerland. Please allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.


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