Renaissance Sackbut Mouthpiece

$ 175.00

Egger Sackbut mouthpieces have a traditional flat rim unless otherwise noted. All mouthpieces are silver plated. If you prefer raw brass or gold plating contact us and we'll get you what you need. Sackbut mouthpieces usually ship in 10 to 14 days.


Alto Mouthpieces - Cup Diameters

RA-7 - 23.00mm

RA-7 Beta  - 23.00mm (deeper than RA-7)


Tenor Mouthpieces - Cup Diameters

RT-6 - 24.20mm

RT-6V - 24.20mm (V-shaped entrance to throat)

RT-5.5 - 25.20mm

RT-5.5V - 25.20 (V-shaped entrance to throat)


Bass Mouthpieces - Cup Diameters

RB-5 - 25.80mm

BB-4 - 26.30mm 

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