Baroque Sackbut Mouthpiece

$ 195.00

Egger Baroque mouthpieces are available for alto, tenor and bass trombone. They have a flat rim and a sharp-edged entrance to the bore. In addition, some mouthpieces are also available with rounded rims.

They are brighter and more concise in sound than their Renaissance counterparts. Here, too, a range of different diameters is available. Of these, the smaller ones were more common in the Baroque period.

Egger Sackbut mouthpieces have a traditional flat rim unless otherwise noted. All mouthpieces are silver plated. If you prefer raw brass or gold plating contact us and we'll get you what you need. Sackbut mouthpieces usually ship in 10 to 14 days.


Alto Mouthpieces - Cup Diameters

BA-6 - 24.4mm

BA-6R - 24.60mm (round modern rim)

BA-5 - 25.80mm


Tenor Mouthpieces - Cup Diameters

BT 5 - 25.85mm

BT-5R - 26.15 (round modern rim)

BT-5 Beta - 25.90mm (deeper than BT-5)

BT-4 - 26.2mm


Bass Mouthpieces - Cup Diameters

BB-3 - 27.00mm

BB-3R - 27.00mm (round modern rim)

BB-3 Beta - 27.00mm (deeper than BB-3)

BB-2 - 27.90mm

BB-2 Beta - 27.90mm (deeper than BB-2)


We make every effort to keep all mouthpieces in stock. However due to US Customs and international shipping delays, mouthpieces may be on backorder. Backordered mouthpieces will usually be shipped within 14 days of order.



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